Frequently Asked Questions


What is included in the package?

Will the lip balm melt?

Is the mirror safe?


Having trouble removing the lip balm container from the adapter?

Where can I place the adapter?

Is adapters' sticker safe?

Having issues attaching the adapters' adhesive?

Adhesive too sticky?

Adhesive residue… should I panic?


How do I attach the lip balm to my PopSocket™?

Does the product come with a PopSocket™?

Will it work with Nukees™ or other grips?

What type of PopSocket™ does this work with?

Having trouble removing the lip balm container from the PopSocket™?

Property of PopSocket?


What organizations do you support?

Can I choose a different charity that I want the donation to go to?


Is the packaging recycled?

Is the product container recycled?

Is this Mirror Recycled?


What ingredients are in the lip balm?

Do you ever test on animals?

Are there any harmful ingredients?

Is the lip balm safe?


Should I be concerned to touch my lips?


Is there a patent on the design?

Is Happy Lips™ Trademarked?


Have a wholesale or retail inquiry?

Some of my order information I entered Is incorrect… now what?

I received an order with missing or incorrect items

My order never arrived?

Can I cancel, change, return or exchange an order?

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Shipping Error?

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